Go to best answer. A connecting member electrically connected to the substrate is formed at the lower half of the body, and associated with the radiating member. Structurally the antenna includes multiple antenna units which are oppositely disposed around the edges of a grounded substrate. The first end is driven by the actuating member, so that the second end is rotated around the pivotal portion to touch the enabling portion. The radiation body of the antenna device includes a main region having at least three L-type continuous bending structures, and a ground region having at least one L-type bending structure. The base station sets an indicator in a control channel allocation of a frame.

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Structurally the antenna includes multiple antenna units which are oppositely disposed around the edges of a grounded technoolgy. The ground terminal part and the feeding part are disposed on the first surface.

The solid dual-band antenna device includes a Z-shape antenna structure comprising a first turn having a first turning angle, and connected to a ground portion corporatiln a first radiating portion; and a second turn having a second turning angle, and connected to the first radiating portion and a second radiating portion; a feeding portion disposed at the second turn for feeding a signal; an extending ground portion non-coplanarly extended from arrcadyan outer side techonlogy the ground portion; and an extending radiating portion non-coplanarly extended from an outer side of the second radiating portion, wherein a first slot is disposed at an arbitrary position of the second radiating portion, and a length of the first radiating portion is different from a corpporation of the second radiating portion.

The first antenna and the second antenna are disposed on the substrate. Therefore, the installation time is greatly reduced, human errors are also reduced, and the installation can be done correctly by ordinary technicians, which is advantageous to the promotion of G.


The module comprises a substrate, a ground terminal part, a feeding part, an antenna body, and a second connecting end. In a first assembly mode, the third connecting part is connected to the first connecting part so that the base frame is fixed to the groove.

The wireless network comprises a plurality of femtocells. The first conductive portion and arcaydan second conductive portion are located within the first resonant cavity and separated from each other. The impedance matching portion is connected to a second side of the first radiation portion and extended downward vertically.

The mobile communication device transmits another registration signal to the first base station with the strongest measured signal strength.

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The mobile apparatus reads the indicator in power-saving mode and can derive the cell-specific MBS configuration according to the indicator. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. The main access point acquires every access point’s information within a local area network. The first terminal is respectively connected with the first radiating unit and the second radiating unit.

Visit Our Help Communities. A new testing system is therefore established. An attenuation value may be introduced to adjusting the test result. The first radiating unit is disposed opposite to the antenna-mounted surface of the substrate, and at least has a first side, a second side and, a third side.

The electronic compass measures origin direction information directed towards at least two reference locations from an origin location and measures move direction information directed towards the reference locations from a move location.

The first planar inverted-F antenna includes a first radiation portion and a first ground portion. The SS in the power-saving state receives the emergency information wrcadyan to the emergency alert indicator and proceeds with a handshake protocol with the BS to establish an emergency service flow between the BS and the SS.


The multi-band antenna includes a grounding element, a connecting element, a first radiating element and a second radiating element. The grounding branch is coupled to the grounding unit. For solving the problem in a hardware manufacturer required to provide many versions of drivers and proprietary arcdyan for different host systems and operating systems, the universal driving method allows the host system drives its peripherals via a scripting language.

The substrate includes a first surface and a second surface; a feeding point is disposed at the edge of the first surface which may have a penetration hole electrically connected the first surface to the second surface.

The outer shell surrounds the supporting base, and has two parallel horizontal plates. The antenna is in a rectangular structure and comprising: A second separating slot exists between the feeding part and the grounding part. A resonant cavity is formed between the radiator and the slot cavity.

Which is a company that makes routers. The dual band antenna includes a radiating element, a grounding element, and a connection element.

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A total number of corporarion of HARQ processes is determined based on a total number of uplink subframes between the first subframe and the third subframe. The grounding unit is connected with the second terminal of the micro-line unit and has a grounding point.

The antenna structure includes a signal-feeding terminal; a first radiating conductor extending from the signal-feeding terminal along a first direction to include a first gradually widening path; a ground terminal configured to be separated from the signal-feeding terminal by a first gap; and a second radiating conductor extending from the ground terminal along corporration second direction perpendicular to the first direction to include a second gradually widening path.

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