Hmm, a mellow fuzz sound. Search Media New Media. I love clones that rip the original, especially fulltone. Great boards at a great price for sure. Looks like your voltages are okay on the IC. I checked for possible traces on the board and took care of some places that looked like they could be the problem.

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Lonely RavenJan 25, I’m assuming that you have have double checked that you have used the correct values for the caps and resistors. Jan 24, Plus the build instructions are really nice too. Looks like your voltages are okay on the IC.

Well, this is getting rather serious. Any madbeaan for improving the tone? USMarine75Dec 17, Spaced Out AceDec 17, Jan 24, 8.

Jan 24, 5. Originally I was playing one through a Vibrolux, and never really bonded with it.


Log in or Sign up. Cave Dweller, Bloviator, Glam and Runt. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. I kept the Zendrive.

Any Fulltone OCD fans? |

Also, I don’t know what you are playing through, but Fuller does tend to voice his stuff for Marshall amps. Is there a specific, easy to pick out parts source?

It works now, but it just sounds like a really mellow fuzz. You could also try increasing C3 back too n to somewhat balance out the previous changes. They sell those led bezels at my local electronics shop.

Mad Bean DIY Pedals | The Gear Page

But, some people do like the “sound” of them. There’s lots of build reports and other info for both here: No, create an account now. Blakemore EffectsJan 24, It never fails and it does exactly what I want: With v4 of the Madbezn, C3 my schem was changed from n to 68n to help lighten it up a bit. I also moved my power switch to the input side because that egoo my favorite side to put it on.


Here is my successful build list so far: I sold my ver. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts.

I was a little disappointed because I thought my build would be less noise than the Fulltone build because I used all metal film resistors but it didn’t seem to make any difference both pedals had the same amount of noise. Let us know what you find! DineleyDec 16, I have built a bunch of Madbeans stuff and I love them.

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